Among traditional telecommunication equipment, there are many obstacles brought by photoelectric conversion which leads to the difficulty of fulfilling the demands of the ever-growing communication capacity. Take advantage of high-bandwidth, anti-jamming, secure, and low loss connectivity, EPCOM’s micro multi-channel technology facilitates the process of “Optics replacing the copper”.

Due to the complicated environment, large numbers of nodes and access equipment in the last one kilometer of FTTX, systems requirements for the transmission performance that are highly more demanding. The high reliability and consistant series products from EPCOM are the key connection that can stand the harsh environment and keep superb performance. We also guarantee the system to operate effectively by passing optical performance and destructive tests.

There are a lot of benefits of high density pre-terminated optical fiber system, such as simple and quick installation, improved reliability, standardized production, etc.It also meet great challenges of multi-fiber core connectivity engineering which includes stretching, crashing from outside force, bending and keeping consistent performance in extreme temperate environment. EPCOM’s innovative technology makes high density pre-terminated optical fiber systems a reality.

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