AOC Components

AOC Components

Active Optical Cables (AOC) combines the technology of optical module and fiber optical cable. It has been used widely for both telecommunication and data communications. The deployed equipment includes servers, storages, switches, routers, computing equipment, and, etc.

AOC supports the parallel transmission, including 40G, 100G and beyond Ethernet, 56G, 100G and 200G Infiniband and 128G, 256G Fiber Channel application, also supports 40G QSFP to 4x 10G SFP+ Parallel Fan-Out transmission application, 100G QSFP28 to 4x 25G SFP+ Parallel Fan-Out transmission application. AOC is also be used in multi-channels serial transmission network.

AOC accelerates storage, data, and high-performance computing’s optical fiber connectivity.

The passive optical interconnect products (round & ribbon) could deploy in QSFP AOC, QSFP28 AOC, CXP AOC, CFP AOC, CPAK AOC and new types of mode, QSFP-DD AOC, Micro-QSFP AOC, CDFP AOC products, and, etc.

Physical Characteristics

Connector A: MT/Prizm/FA/PZ

Connector B: MT/Prizm/FA/PZ

Fiber shape: ribbon

Fiber count: 12

Fiber type: OM3, OM4; OM1, OM2;OS1,OS2;

Length: 20~100mm, and customized length available

Length tolerance: +500um/-0um

Coupling Mode

Passive coupling with guide pins and 0, 8 degrees

Passive coupling with guide pins and 90 degrees

Active coupling with light source and 0~ 45 degrees


Passive optical interconnect jumpers could be deployed in QSFP AOC, QSFP28 AOC, QSFP-DD AOC, Micro QSFP AOC, CXP AOC, CFP AOC, CDFP AOC, and any parallel optical transceiver module AOC, supporting network types include Ethernet with optical fiber transmission, Infiniband with optical fiber transmission, and Fiber Channel.


GR-1435, GR-1221 compliant

Transmission mode: multi-channel serial and parallel transmission mode

High accuracy,

Support:12 x 1.25~3.5G, 2X40G(4x10G), 2X100G(4x25G), 10X10G, 12x10G, 4x32G

IL/RL Specifications

MT IL ≤0.60 dB  typical 0.20dB

MT RL≥20dB

Environment Conditions

-40~+85 oC

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