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East Point is looking forward to your participation!

East Point is a progressive company managed by industry leading personnel. Our clients trust East Point to deliver what we promise. People are our greatest asset and we only recruit the right people that have a "Can Do Attitude" and have the ability to learn, invent and grow within our culture.

If you have that "Can Do Attitude" then please contact our HR staff. We are always looking for talented people in engineering, marketing, sales, and manufacturing.

If you are interested in any opening position, please submit your resume to

Now we are looking for

Process Engineer Number of recruits:1 2022.03.24

Job Responsibilities

1. Formulate SOP and WI for passive components and optical fiber connectors.
2. Monitoring, reporting, analysis and improvement of key equipment, fixture/key process capability.
3. Customer sample trial production, BOM maintenance, new sample FMEA formulation.
4. NPI and staff training for new products and processes (including ECN changes).
5. Test and verify the jumper related equipment.
6. Analyze and deal with abnormal process on site, and deal with nonconforming products.

Job Requirements

1. College degree or above, mechanical, automation, optics and other related majors, familiar with the production process of optical fiber connector (SC, LC, FC, MTP/MPO, etc.), optical passive device (WDM, AWG, AOC, PLC, etc.), able to set process flow according to product structure requirements, able to independently write operation instructions and other process documents.
2.Familiar with CAD drawing software, familiar with the related industry and international standards of connector products, such as GR326/GR1435/IEC, etc.
3. Strong practical ability, strong execution ability, good at finding, analyzing and solving problems.
4. Experienced in nPI, familiar with nPI process, and realize mass production of products.

Quality Manager - Vietnam Number of recruits:1 2022.03.24

Job Responsibilities

1. Cooperate with the group's quality strategy, policy and plan, and be fully responsible for the management of the quality department of the subsidiary.
2. Audit the quality control process, system and operation specification, promote the standardization and standardization of the process, implement total quality management (TQM), ensure the effective implementation of the process, system and specification.
3. Guide the analysis and improvement of customer complaints, promote the timeliness and effectiveness of problem solving, enhance customer satisfaction and trust, and take customer complaints as an opportunity to promote the improvement of internal manufacturing process and design.
4. Promote the use of quality control tools, improve the quality control level of the process, and enhance customer audit satisfaction.
5. Responsible for quality control of production, process and shipment, monitoring and controlling product quality throughout the process, and promoting the timeliness and effectiveness of corrective and preventive measures.

Job Requirements

1. Bachelor degree or above in electronics, computer, automation or related field, at least 8 years experience in team quality management, with or without source product quality experience (MPO/MTP, MT, FA, AWG, Receptacle, WDM, isolator, fiber connector, etc.) or 6sigma black belt certification is preferred.
2. Solid experience in ISO9001, ISO14001 or TL9000 corrective action and preventive action process, application of quality tools (6-sigma, SPC, FMEA, MSA, DOE, 8D, etc.).
3. Excellent communication, coordination and leadership skills, good at summarizing and analyzing, strong in principle, able to deal with quality abnormalities independently.
4. Have clear logical thinking and good English listening, speaking, reading and writing skills.
5. Proactive, able to work under pressure, strong team spirit and dare to challenge.

Product Engineer - Patch Cord Number of recruits:1 2022.03.24

Job Responsibilities

1. Responsible for new product development of fiber communication integrated cabling product line, and design optical passive products according to customer requirements (including single-core jumper LC, SC, FC, multi-core jumper MPO/MTP, multi-core fan outlet jumper MPO-LC/SC Fanout, MPO-MPO Shuffle Trunk Cable and other products).
2. Product development process management, such as product specification decomposition, BOM output, material confirmation, process and fixture evaluation, etc.
3. Lead the production of new samples and related validation.

Job Requirements

1. Full-time college degree or above, major in optics, machinery, communication, good English reading and writing skills, proficient in Office, CAD, Pro-E and other software.
2. At least 2 years experience in optical communication industry, familiar with basic structure and parameters of optical cable, connector, adapter, optical fiber jumper, passive device and product development process.
3. Familiar with fiber optic communication industry standards, such as GR326/GR1435/IEC/TIA, etc.
4. Good organization, communication and coordination skills, high sense of responsibility and team spirit, able to work under strong pressure.

Key Account Management Number of recruits:1 2022.03.24

Job Responsibilities

1. Developed, maintained, managed and provided services for key customers based on the company's ODM/OEM sales business model and strategic planning.
2. Follow up customer projects, deal with quotation, complete sales contract negotiation and signing, payment and other related work.
3. Established good customer relations, regularly analyzed and sorted out customer information, and analyzed sales data.
4. Lead the team to provide excellent services for key customers.
5. Follow up the process of order production, quality testing, commodity inspection, customs clearance, etc., and timely follow up the problems in each link.
6. Deal with customer complaints and unqualified products, and timely feedback the results to customers, keep good communication with customers, and do a good job in pre-sales and after-sales service.

Job Requirements

1. Bachelor degree or above, English as working language, overseas study background is preferred.
2. Excellent communication and negotiation skills, strong ability to work under pressure, strong sense of mission and responsibility for work.
3. Mature, serious, careful and able to look ahead and look ahead.
4. Team work spirit and leadership ability to lead a team.