Data Centers regularly change and migrate to higher speed networks. Being prepared for 40/10
0G is essential. Higher-speed Ethernet will be common in data centers across all types of organizations; consequently, Data Center cabling and infrastructures need keep pace.
EPCOM high density OM3/OM4 MM MTP® pre-terminated solution is designed for 40G/100G high speed Data Center infrastructure system. The OM3/OM4 MM MTP® solution delivers modularity, flexibility, reliability, and simplicity for Data Center applications.
High Density MTP® System
The MTP® cabling system is a factory pre-terminated and tested solution with a high density MTP® connector, which is ideally suited for a high density environment that demands space saving cable density and innovative cable management solutions.
MTP® Harness Assemblies
From distribution cable to single fibers.
Applied to the high-density, high-performance, fast installation environment.
Available in LC, SC, ST and MT-RJ styles.
Reduces need for patch panels.

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