EPCOM takes quality control processes very seriously to maintain to ensure product reliability and total client satisfaction.

EPCOM is certified to TL 9000 5.0 / ISO 9001:2008,  and ISO 14001:2004, also certified to GR-326 to the Verizon TPR standard.

+ ISO 9001 and 14001 certified
+ RoHS compliant products available
+ GR326-Core, GR357& GR1435 Standard
+ Telcordia Standard
+ Zero Defects
+ Continuous quality improvement
+ Environmental chamber available at our partner facility
+ Environmental management system has been integrated into quality management process based on ISO 14001.
+ Stringent PPAP (Piece Parts Approval Process)
+ IL & RL inspections, changeability, vibration, tensile strength, temperature, and humidity testings
+ IAF accreditation
+ CNAB standards
+ UKAS accreditation
+ Utilize of the highest quality microscopes, Interferometers, back reflection meters, polishing & processing equipment
+ Focis 10 and IEC11801 Standards

Supplier Quality Management

+ Strict sample approval processes and annual sample re-verification is conducted
+ On-site audits of local suppliers on a regular basis
+ Requirement of RoHS, REACH, and PFOS

Incoming Quality Control
EPCOM performs Incoming Inspection on all incoming materials used in the manufacturing process

+ High industrial standard sampling plan for incoming material inspections
+ Conducts sampling plan based on historical quality records
+ Written or on-site survey of overseas suppliers

In-Process Quality Control
EPCOM performs Process Control Inspections on all manufacturing processes

+ Real time process control for defective distribution statistical process control technique for yield trend and defect distribution
+ Analyze first yield & distribution to identify and evaluate process trend
+ Unscheduled production line audit for continuous improvement
+ 100% testing of all products manufactured by EPCOM

Outgoing Quality Control
EPCOM performs Final Inspection on all products manufacturing

+ High industrial standard sampling plan to audit finished good products to ensure quality level up to specification
+ Conduct system audit based upon process management flow chart
+ Complete database for all finished good products
+ Traceability

Customer Satisfaction
Respond to any customer request within 8hrs and reply within 24hrs

Reliability Test
EPCOM performs reliability tests in terms of quality standard for each product classification and customers' requirements
Typical test processes include: inspect IL, inspect RL, changeability, vibration, tensile strength, temperature cycling, low/high temperature storage, and humidity tests

+ Calibration certificates are NIST traceable
+MSA is conducted on a regular basis
+ Strict calibration plans are established as per different measurement equipment accordingly

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